Friday, November 28, 2008

Pigeon White earring o/c 20in X24in

Mila in Red o/c 20in X 24in

Marymoor Fall Colors o/c 11in X 14in

Mt Si o/c 11in X 14in

Ocean Shores in the fog o/c 11in X 14in

Finally getting around to posting some new paintings.

I updated the first 2 images today. I didn't feel that the colors matched the original paintings. I usually shoot my paintings outside but was in a bit of a hurry last time and shot them indoors. I never feel I can match the colors correctly when shooting indoors. So this morning I finally got around to re shoot them, much better.



Joe Kresoja said...

these are all nice Aaron. love the Ocean shores one. It's peaceful

Alan said...

I agree, I like Marymoor. :)

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Aaron
What wonderful paintings. I particulary like the figurative pieces. Your palette is to my liking. I shall follow this work, It inspires me.

Nick Orban said...

Great figurative work! I really enjoy your paintings.


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