Aaron Coberly was born in Seattle in 1971. He has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He started taking art seriously as a teenager after being invited to attend a life drawing class. Living and traveling in Europe further inspired him. He began oil painting in 1999. His work is primarily figurative with a stylistic nod to the Masters and the Impressionists. Aaron runs an open painting and drawing session in Seattle. He resides in the greater Seattle area and is married with a young son. Every day I work on becoming a better artist.

I believe that art in all of its forms is a way for a person to communicate their feelings to others in an emotional and unique way. I feel that through painting I can show others a world that is inside of me. I enjoy taking elements of the existing world and through paint creating a new vision, a moment, a life that is eternal. I want to share the love that I feel when I look at a painting that touches me. For me creating a connection with the viewer is critical, that is when I feel the life of the painting begins.

My thoughts on painting are as follows. First and foremost composition is critical without an interesting composition a painting or any work of art is dead. Drawing in imperative as well, you have to be able to put what you want where you want it. Then there are the elements of form, how to use value, color, edge control and texture to take a 2 dimensional surface and give it depth and space.

I continue to work every day to crystallize my vision by breaking things down and building them up. I feel sometimes I have to lose myself in order to get a better understanding of where I am going. It can be a scary process but without it I don't feel that I can grow as an artist.